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I am a research junkie – seriously – I am completely addicted to historical research. I’m not so big on writing, I can and do write, I just tend to be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my writing. I get going, then realize I need to research some point or find a citation and off I go, down the research rabbit hole.

This has led to me having a virtual treasure trove of primary source material. Stuff hidden away in collections no one ever thinks to look in. So this will be the place I share some of those treasures.

Here are some quintessential resources about Cheshire history.

Beach, Joseph Perkins, and Nettie Cynthia Smith. History of Cheshire, Connecticut, from 1694-1840, including Prospect, which, as Columbia parish, was a part of Cheshire until 1829;. Cheshire, Conn.: Lady Fenwick chapter, D.A.R., 1912.

Brodeur, Edmond, and Alice R. Brodeur. The History of Cheshire Street and vicinity,. : , 1971.

Brown, Edwin Roys, and John R. Paddock. Old historic homes of Cheshire, Connecticut, with an account of the early settlement of the town, description of its churches, academy and old town cemetery, places of interest–Roaring brook, Scott’s rock, barytes and copper mines, ancient trees, etc.. New Haven, Conn.: [Press of C.H. Ryder], 1895.


  1. Rolande (Holmes) Gay

    I would love to share some of my family tree with others. I was born in Meriden, CT on 12/28/1957. I grew up in Cheshire, on Cook Hill Road, in the home of my grandparents, David Emil and Velma (Morrison) McKee. I lived there until I was 21. Cheshire was a totally different town then as compared to now. I can still remember the apple orchards that surrounded the area, before Tuttle Avenue and Rhey Avenue were filled with a new development in the 60’s and 70’s (I think the dates are correct). I think fondly of those times when I was a child. So many changes have taken place in my life but I will always remember my life in Cheshire. Thank-you for making this site. I would love to contribute to it eventually!

    • Thanks! I am a huge proponent of collaboration and would love to have other people contribute content, trees and blog posts! And I totally get what you mean about childhood memories of Cheshire. I grew up on Harrison Road, when it used to be a little, almost one way road, now it is overflowing with houses and gets more traffic in a day than we had in a week! Let me know when you want to add something!

  2. Roberta Glidden

    I too grew up in Cheshire back in the 50’s. Went to Humiston School, grades 1-6, and then went right to the High School, grades 7-12. Christine, I think it is wonderful that you are making Cheshire’s history “come to life.” There are many of us that have remained here from childhood. I’m sure they all have lots of stories and pictures to contribute. So all you Cheshirite’s contact Christine so she can write her blog and make Cheshire “come to life.”

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